Hi, I’m Dan.

Dan Lutger

I’m a senior user experience architect and product designer. I excel at making complex web applications easy and enjoyable to use through data-driven, user-centered design methods. I’m familiar with working on agile teams with lean (or guerrilla) UX processes. I can build and manage design teams and help any company or startup establish design as a product discipline. I’m at my best when I am collaborating with sharp fellow learners and teachers.

Here’s some examples of my work. I promise no photos of me looking at Post-it notes.

Use case cover image showing application screens on a laptop and a mobile device


A brief overview of a new feature I recently designed for both the Label Insight platform and for SmartLabel®

Overview cover image showing the Label Insight logo surrounded by a few example screens from applications

OVERVIEW – Label Insight

For 12 years I worked at Label Insight as the lead UX and product designer. I’ve created a tour in Figma that I can give in person or that anyone could self-guide at their convenience. It demonstrates the major applications I designed as well as some various basic features. This is not complete by any means. A lot of my recent work has been R&D designs for brand new applications and features that have not launched yet that I will showcase in another demo. Due to NDAs I cannot make this public so please contact me if you need the password.